part four of Twisting the Rope


after Please, The Deal, and Perfect




by silveryscrape







He arranges them on the bed on their sides, face to face. No restraints or ties, no gag, nothing at all, just them in the bed looking at each other. Chris feels a little lost.


"Christopher," JC murmurs, smiling.


A flush of warmth spreads through Chris. He can never resist JC's sex voice.


"Want to kiss you," JC says, and fuck, yeah. Chris approves of that with all his heart. He leans over to press against JC, sliding a hand up to cup his face, but JC pulls away, shaking his head, his silky hair moving over the pillow.


"No touching. Just..." He smiles again, looking at Chris's mouth, and waits. Chris slides his hand out of the way quickly.


"This," JC says, and suddenly he's there, lips barely touching Chris's, and away again. He closes his eyes and lifts his chin, clearly just feeling it, and Chris finds himself getting hard. JC's never any less than gorgeous. Then JC opens his eyes, his gaze filled with desire and love, and Chris is aching.


"Kissing is touching," Chris says, without thinking.


JC narrows his eyes. Chris's heart lurches in his chest and he could kick himself, because how can he kiss JC when he's gagged? But JC just looks at him for a minute as though he's thinking hard, and to Chris's shock he nods a little and pushes forward to touch his lips briefly to Chris's, again.


A tiny moan escapes Chris's throat. They’ve been through some stuff in the last few months, and things are changing. JC’s changing. The rules are changing, yes, and lately it's like JC's on a mission to drive him insane. Every night it's something different. Chris never knows what's up or how to act.


"Wonder if I can make you come this way," JC says.


Chris exhales sharply. His mouth feels swollen already, his lips tingling. He can smell JC, can hear his breathing change, too, and he knows JC's as excited as he is. JC leans forward again to nuzzle Chris's ear.


"Bet I can," he whispers.


"JC," he begins, and JC says "shhh" against his neck and slides his open mouth over Chris's skin to take his lips in another soft, maddening kiss. Chris moans again. He has no doubt he'll come any time JC wants him to. But how will he keep his hands off JC if he's not bound?


"You'll be fine," JC says.


Chris can taste him when he licks his lips, can feel the swell of his breath and see the heat in his eyes, and maybe he's right, or maybe Chris just wants him to be. Yeah, or maybe it doesn't matter and it'll be okay. Chris decides to go with that, rubbing his face against JC's, and JC makes a warm sound and kisses him hard.


Hard, and Chris makes a rough sound himself and opens his mouth. JC tastes so good, so spicy and sweet and familiar, that Chris slips his tongue in to touch JC's. JC allows the silky slide for a minute, but he breaks away when Chris starts to inch closer on the bed. "So fine," he says, and smiles.


Chris grimaces back at him. JC stretches his arms up over his head, twisting across the sheets, and says "mmm," clearly ready to lie there looking edible, with swollen lips and dreamy-eyed, until the end of time. Fine, then. Chris settles back to wait.


JC's smile fades into something intense. He's doing that thinking thing again, Chris can tell, watching Chris as though he's the one waiting. But then he turns to face Chris again.


"Come here," he says, low-voiced.


That's more like it. Chris smiles and goes to him, tucking his hands behind his thighs just to be sure. JC makes an amused sound and brushes his closed mouth against Chris's once, twice, and again. Yes, JC's definitely trying to make him crazy. Chris pushes forward suddenly, surprising himself, and opens JC's mouth with his own.


JC stiffens a little on the bed, but before Chris can back off he gasps and makes a noise in his throat. This time JC allows the kiss to go on, allows Chris to taste him thoroughly, before tilting his head away. Chris feels lightheaded and pleased with himself. JC's got his eyes closed, licking his lips again and again, and he can't seem to get his breath. Maybe he's made JC a little bit crazy, himself.


JC brings a hand up to hover between them, exhaling unevenly through his nose. He looks wild, his hair standing up around his head, and when he opens his eyes Chris feels a thrill all through him.   


"I said, come here," he growls.


Chris goes. God, yes.


JC brings his hand down between them. Chris stops abruptly, wondering if JC's going to touch him. But JC plants his hand on the bed and just looks at him. Then he smiles and stretches forward, gently puts his lips to Chris's, and stays there.


It's heaven and hell all wrapped up together. Chris can feel JC's rough breath on his mouth, but when he tries pushing forward like before, JC pulls back and makes a dark little sound, amused again. Chris is so hard now, so completely sensitized all over his body, that he can practically feel JC's hands on him. But JC's hands aren't on him and won't be anytime soon, and that's a fucking crime. Chris moves his own hands gently over his thighs where he has them tucked and shivers.


"Mmm," JC says.


Again with a teasing kiss and away. Chris grips his thighs to try to ride the heat spreading through him. Another kiss, JC groaning into his mouth this time and biting him before sliding back, and Chris has to close his eyes. He's holding on as tightly as he can now, sinking his fingers into his own skin, but he's shaking at the same time, restless against the sheets, and he can feel every move of JC's body as though it's his own. JC's pushing his cock against the bed. Chris knows it without opening his eyes. It's not fucking fair.


This time JC takes his mouth agressively before retreating with a hiss of indrawn breath. Chris doesn't want to look, it's still too intense, but JC's irresistable when he starts to breath like that. It's like Chris can see the waves rising in him. He opens his eyes, finally, to find JC watching him intently. He's undulating over the bed, just as Chris thought, but when Chris looks down between them he can see JC squeezing himself gently.


Well, fuck that. It's fucking amazing, the head of JC's cock pushing out of the lazy surround of his fingers, and JC's trembling, his eyes glazed and hungry. How can Chris behave with all that two inches away? It's impossible, there's a glow kindling at the base of his spine and he can feel his thighs tensing up. JC should have tied him up. With a gasp Chris unclamps a hand from his leg to slide over his cock.


God, finally, so good, and he's ready for JC to kiss him again.


"No touching," JC growls.




Chris can barely stop himself. It's an unnerving feeling, an evil impulse telling him to ignore JC and make himself come, but JC said. Letting his cock go feels like the hardest thing Chris has ever done.


"Watch," JC whispers, and Chris has to close his eyes again.


But he opens them up immediately because he knows what he'll see. JC's stroking himself steadily now, pushing into his hand over and over, a tense curve on the bed, breathing in short bursts. Chris hears himself make a hoarse sound. He can feel JC's hand like it's touching him, touching his cock, too, and if JC won't touch him and he can't touch himself, what else is left? JC's groaning with each quick breath, bringing himself to the crest. Chris can't do anything. There's nothing he can do but watch.


JC gasps and goes still on the bed. He's holding his cock tightly around the base, biting his lip. He's close, Chris knows, concentrating on holding it back, and if he could just touch JC, just brush his fingers over JC's cock, he knows he could push him right over. God, it's so tempting. Something's got to give.


Watching JC's agonized face, Chris edges closer on the bed. He reaches out a careful hand.


"Chris," JC says, tightly. He rolls onto his back, still clutching himself, heaving for breath. "Come on, Chris. Kiss me." He turns his head away. Chris can barely see the curve of his open mouth.


Kiss him. Kiss him, yeah, fuck. But don't touch him.


JC quivers on the bed like he's electrified, his body practically humming as he tries to resist the force flowing through him. He says "Chris" again, shakily, and then "God, Christopher" and that's it.


Chris pushes himself up and over, searching out JC's mouth. He doesn't even try to lift himself away when his cock brushes JC's hip, striking sparks throughout his body, and when JC releases himself to brace Chris's weight above him, Chris finds himself gripping JC's wrist hard and pulling it up onto the pillow by JC's head.


Somewhere in the back of his mind someone's yelling, panicking, and he thinks maybe he should listen. But as he comes down heavily onto JC's body, as JC pushes up to meet him and Chris is finally able to kiss him, to bite him and swallow his groans, as JC thrashes beneath him and throws his other arm overhead for Chris to capture, too, for Chris there's nothing else.


JC is everything, struggling to move, struggling to rub his swollen cock against Chris's body, and it's never been like this. JC's desperate under him and Chris knows it's all up to him. He's hurtling to the end, the fuse in his spine is flaring bright, but he fumbles JC's wrists into one hand and slides the other down between them to grip JC's cock.


JC arches and lets out a loud cry, and it's just as simple as that. Chris comforts him through beautiful spasms, cradling his throbbing, slippery cock, until JC settles back with a shudder. Then, with a dim sense of amazement and gratitude, Chris lets himself explode into a million pieces.


After a long time JC stretches a little, whispering into his neck. Chris is still tumbling through space inside, still rushing and thrilling with little shocks and feeling the shift and rub of JC's body against his, so he can't really make out the words. But he does pick it up when JC says "Christopher."


He scrambles off JC as though stung, to end up in a ball on the far side of the bed. JC stays on his back, arms curving across the pillows above his head, panting. After a minute he opens his eyes and turns his head to look at Chris.


"JC," Chris begins, a lump in his throat, but he can't think of another word to say. He has no idea how JC will respond, anymore, no certainty that this won't be some kind of breaking point for him. He wonders how he'll take it, this time, if JC turns away from him again. He realizes he's shaking, heart beating hard, with his arms clasped tight to his chest and his knees pulled up, so he deliberately stretches himself out across the bed, breathing deeply, to wait.


Moving swiftly, JC pushes Chris over onto his back against the pillows and flows up his body to spread out on top of him. He puts his head down on Chris's chest with a satisfied sounding sigh, his hair a tangled mess across Chris's neck. Chris brings his arms up tentatively to surround him.


"Mmm, beautiful Chris," JC murmurs in a velvety voice.


His eyes are closed and he's smiling. Chris feels a prickling in his own eyes, and his throat aches. He pulls JC to him, holding on tighter, wishing they could stay here just like this, bound together, forever. JC lifts his head.


"Am I driving you nuts, Christopher?" JC sounds a little surprised to be asking.


Chris makes the rudest sound he can manage, stirring JC's sweaty curls with the force of his snort.


"Good," JC purrs.


Fucking JC. Abruptly, Chris heaves JC's warm, boneless body over onto the rumpled sheets and comes down solidly on top of him. JC makes a completely shocked noise that twists Chris's stomach up, but he feels oddly determined so he kisses JC deeply. JC's noise-making modulates into a kind of pleased humming. He arches up, winding his arms and legs around Chris's body, opening to Chris's kiss, and through the haze of pleasure and love filling Chris he thinks maybe he could learn to like this new JC.


Maybe things can't stay the same forever, anyway. Maybe they'll change, they're bound to change, and lord knows life with JC has never been boring. It's the wildest ride, really, and Chris feels a bolt of light streak through him.


"Yeah, good," he says, pulling away slightly.


Something in his voice almost gives it away, the crazy light bubbling through him, because JC looks at him and opens his mouth. But before he can get a word out Chris grabs him and tickles him until he curls up and wails, and it's wonderful and terrible to have JC trembling under his hands like this, completely at his mercy for a second. Then Chris is away and off the bed, fleeing for his very life while JC growls "Christopher" behind him, and even though Chris knows his ass is totally going to pay, it's worth it, god, so worth it.    





The end.




April, 2004




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