Dear Maya's class,





Thank you for sending Flat Stanley to visit me!





Flat Stanley came to work with me.



I am a nurse in a hospital in Orlando, Florida!



Here is my office:











I gave Flat Stanley a health check-up when we were in the hospital.




First I checked his blood pressure:












Flat Stanley is much flatter now!




And his blood pressure is normal (for a flat person).





Then I tried to take Flat Stanley's temperature,



but Flat Stanley's mouth is flat, too!




He didn't feel warm,



so I don't think he has a fever.












Then I listened to Flat Stanley's heart with my stethoscope:












Flat Stanley got tangled up in my stethoscope!












Some of my patients are very sick,



so they have to wear masks and gloves, to protect them from germs.




The mask was a little too big for Flat Stanley!











The gloves fit just fine!



(Well, maybe they were too big, after all.)









Then Flat Stanley rode in a wheelchair.




Not too fast!










I took Flat Stanley home to meet my cat, Malcolm!












Now he is home with you.




I'm sure he needs a nap now!





I had fun with Flat Stanley.







Bye, now!








Maya's Aunt Vicki